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A secret brainwashing Order, that is looking for primarily bi-sexual females for Taoist alchemaic Yin cultivation orgies.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Recent Question On Penis Growth

Q: I see that you have a lot of knowledge of Taoism. I know about the deer exercises, do you know of any herbal penile growth exercises?

A: There are plenty of herbs that do force blood into the penis for temporary periods of times. Yohimbine, the extracted active component in Yohimbe bark has been clinically proven to do this. However, the problem with this herb is that it is not a "true" yang booster, and will merely give you a "flash in the pan" yang boost. That is, the yohimbine will act more to force blood into the penis as long as it is in your system, but as soon as you have urinated it all out then it is out. Nevertheless, it will not make your penis grow past its own potential, it will just make sure that you are at your full potential. A true yang booster will actually elevate your testosterone, not just force blood into the penis temporarily.

All in all, i wouldn't recommend it for REGULAR use, but if you are generally trying to conserve your jing (semen essense), and once and a while wish to pass jing with a woman then you can take this 30 minutes before hand, and if you take the correct dosage it can keep you erect well after ejaculation.

Besides that is Damiana which is a good herb for blood flow in general, but also specifically to the penis. It can be taken on a more regular basis if you like, and it is a "true" yang booster, in that it will strengthen your right kidney chi and boost testosterone.

But to actually "grow" your penis you need to boost testosterone itself over a long period of time, and consistently. This is not always a good idea, but in some cases is necessary if someone's testosterone is too low. But in general boosting testosterone too much above a normal level of equalibrium will hasten the aging process and the problems associated with it. Of course, if it is too low then the aging process will similarly take hold and slowly break your body down. So as with all things, the key is balance.

A better approach to overall health enhancement, longevity and the like is to keep your penis at its full potential and not worry so much about growing it beyond that (unless it is too small to give a woman sufficient internal pleasure, or hit her "G-Spot"). This can be done by retaining jing when you have intercourse, and if you must pass it sometimes, limiting that to certain times (depending on age, climate and condition), and keeping it planned on a schedule.

Then you can slowly "turn up the heat" with regards to your right kidney yang (which in short means your testosterone will increase), by supplementing right kidney strengthening herbs perhaps 3 times a week (preferably right before rigorous exercise, so you can gain physical benifit from the boost in testosterone), and balance this out with left kidney yin tonifying herbs such as Rehmannia, Schizandria and most importantly Asparagus root. You can also use Fo Ti (Ho Shu Wu), which is a great tonifying herb, but tends to be a little "hotter" in energetic properties than the afforementioned three.

Response to the question "What is a Taoist Sex Cult?"

A Taoist Sex Cult... Basically we practice controlled sex as a means to health, longevity and theoretically immortality if mastered.

Sex is looked at as as natural, nurishing and healthy as eating if done properly. The biggest enemy for men is over indulgence in ejaculation. Taoist sexual alchemy seeks to preserve the semen (jing) of a man, convert it into Bioenergy and ultimately nurish the "Golden Fetus;" the Immortal "Shen" or "Spirit" body within us all, that can be either strong or weak depending on how it is developed.

For the woman things are much easier. While there is still Qi Gung for to learn and master, she does not need to worry about ejaculation of jing and can and should be brought to orgasm by an experienced sexual alchemist repeatedly.

Response to a recent letter of interest

Yes, just stay tuned to the site. We will begin posting some of the preliminary Qi Gung lessons that one should practice to prepare themselves for the intensity of our seminars. You are welcome to join our seminars. We will advertise them on the upcoming site, and on the MySpace account. Guys may ONLY attend with a partner and session fees are ONLY waved for women bringing girlfriends to participate.

> On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 12:37:15 -0800, Anonymous wrote:
> Hi I have heard of your practices in the past and always have been
> interested in learning more Can you enlighten me with more knowledge on your
> sexcult.
> Thank you

Who Are We?

We are a Taoist order of sexual alchemists, who are inviting those interested in Taoist sexual yoga, energetic cultivation, sexual herbology and healing to join the online community of those seeking entrance into our Order.

Both men and women are encouraged to join the Taoist Sex Cult, but while female to female (Yin to Yin), sexual techniques and play will be taught and encouraged, Dragon Yang Syndrom enducing male to male (Yang to Yang), activity is discouraged by Taoism. Thus, men are free to join or attend with a female partner.

To contact, feel free to email us for information about our teachings, seminars and private lessons at: SexCult @ gmail.com

"There is a Secret Dalliance known as the Heavenly and Earthly Net whereby people indulge in sexual play like the birds and beasts, many females with a single male. It is believed to be a method of averting calamities." Tao An

The term “Tao” has become an almost household word in the modern Western world. Much is heard about this enigmatic “Way” but very little is known. Often given the misnomer of “Taoism,” this “Way” is neither an “ism” nor “schism,” neither a religion nor sect; quite simply, it is the oldest science of life. It is the Path which all things follow, and like the currents of a river, all things submit to it, either willingly or forced.

The ancients masters, undistracted by the various forms of entertainment that barrage modern society, focused their "time and effort" (Gung-Fu), on researching and improving ways of meeting human needs in accordance with the Tao.

A lineage of these ancient masters, and sages (the transmission of which extends even into this current age), developed a complete, detailed, and scientific system of knowledge which comprises many principles of food preparation, exercise, healing, sexuality and such. From the empirical observation of the reproductive process, these masters discovered that the sexual glands were endowed with the “Divine” power to create and organize life.

These realizations caused the ancient masters to create a complete system of methods and techniques, which have, accurately or inaccurately, been given the phrase “sexual alchemy” in association with them. With that, the ancient masters hoped to elevate self-healing to its fullest potential, to energize the whole body, to seemingly defy time and aging.

Above all these ancient masters were scientists. They believed that wisdom came from accumulated knowledge subjected to scrutiny and deeper and deeper questioning. They had a purpose and a morality to their questioning and search for wisdom. They sought immortality and immunity from disease of all kinds. Unlike western “religions,” the “Taoist” masters were not inclined to lead a righteous life because they feared retribution from a vengeful god, but because it was the best “Way” to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

All aspects of life and living came under their scrutiny so it is not surprising that at some point they would turn their attention to sex. For not only is “Taoist” sexual alchemy a potential fountain of youth, but it also is a refreshing solution that reconciles the common dilemma between responding to one's sexual desires and devotion to one's spiritual aspirations. On one hand, some social influences promote the release of sexual instincts at the animalistic level only. On the other hand, many religions stifle or denounce sexual activity to promote spirituality. Release of sexual desires results in many problems, such as venereal diseases. Stifling of sexual desires leaves people unsatisfied, for they are not bodiless spirits as long as they live on earth. Neither approach satisfies people's needs, because human beings have both physical instincts and spiritual aspirations. Taoism eliminates this dilemma by allowing the sexual instincts to serve a spiritual purpose. The Taoist sexual techniques provide a direct, tangible experience of the Divine. By sharing true love, giving true love, and receiving true love, those engaging in the sexual alchemic experience learn to understand the nature of the Divine, manifest through the Tao, the Way of things.

At the core of Taoist sexual practice is the desire to theoretically achieve immortality and immunity from disease and the aging process. Intense pleasure and spiritualization of the body came as welcome side effects of these practices. It is natural, in Taoist thought, that when our manner of living is harmonious and in tune with the Tao, then the benefits which we reap will naturally be manifold.

To achieve immortality, it makes perfect sense to associate as closely with it as possible. Sexual energy aims at fortifying the body to such a degree that it is invulnerable to invasion of any kind of disease, or the development of any kind of internal disharmony that would lead to disease.

This means that the Taoist diligently maintains internal balance and harmony, at all levels. The point of sexual practice is to preserve and enhance Qi in the physical body, particularly Yuan or Original Qi, which is the store of Qi one is born with. Yuan Qi is the specific essence that links our Ethereal Soul with the Universal soul. Yuan Qi is said to reside in the Kidney organ system, of which the genitalia are a part.

Specific practices include the man withholding ejaculation. It is thought that semen contains a man's physical essence. Semen is pure Yin in nature. This means it is purely nourishing at all levels. Depletion of Kidney Qi is the Taoist definition of death.

As well, Taoist approach sex as a highly effective healing activity. Modern science has identified hormones like Pheromones, and Endorphins, which not only have healing properties hundreds of times more effective than any drug or herb, in an otherwise healthy body these hormones provoke intense pleasure, and fortify and energize.

With all of that said, the above is not even the tip of the proverbial ice berg of knowledge and, more importantly, EXPERIENCE of the Tao with regards to sexual alchemy. Over time, new initiates into our Order will be gradually taught the methods of sexual alchemy, semen retention, consistent multiple orgasms, maximization of penile length, girth and rigidity, and all similarly relevant matters of nourishing, healthy and harmonious human sexual experience.